Wood puzzle toy cat (with 3 balls 1 mouse)

25 × 25 × H6cm


Box regulation 51.5 * 26 * 39.5CM, 12 / box, a box of weight is 9.36KG

This product is suitable for all kinds of cat use, the world's first patented design, swept Europe and the United States more than ten years.


So that cats in the process of looking for toys to campaign to promote healthy growth


With the value of the product gift 3 toy ball. You can put cats in the cave like a variety of small toys, cat snacks. Let the cat own fun


Medium size, easy to carry, pets can be taken as a companion toy.


This product uses wood in line with the most stringent regulations - the United States California 65 CARB MDF MDF, environmental non-toxic.


This product uses the most environmentally friendly water-based paint paint, non-toxic and tasteless. Products are full of design sense and has a number of patented design


This product and furniture colors can be a perfect match, can be placed anywhere in the home, at any time to allow your cat to enjoy fun.

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