Name: cat suction cup hammock

Material: fabric cushion (internal plastic frame) plastic sucker wire dropped

Specifications: Cushion length 55cm wide 35cm bearing about 20 kg

Products: high-level large-scale landing window of the vitreous thick, difficult to produce vibration, is not easy to drop out of the higher probability.

If the home is double glass, glass sliding doors, glass area is small, painted walls, wooden doors and so on, the glass is thin, and a touch on the kind of swinging, curved glass windows, frosted glass, patterned glass. . . Do not try, and posted the high probability, but there are exceptions. Because this easy to move, prone to the case of resonance is easy to fall off.

If you really like to transform themselves, the use of strong glue, nails to think of ways to fix. Above this situation can not rely entirely on the sucker, the use of their brains in fact no need not things

Scope of application:

Suitable for installation in flat tiles, stainless steel, glass, mirrors, refrigerators, washing machines, metal paint and other smooth airtight material surface.

The above are most of the environmental aspects of the feline friends tried, as can be applied to your home decoration material environment, please consider carefully after purchase.

Special Note: As the sucker is a plastic material, especially in winter is easy to hard, if the sucker claw force is normal enough, it is recommended that guests with high-temperature hot water under the softening, to help sucker suction.

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